Runway Dust
Charles R. Furden


Your book was irresistible and hard to put down. Your knowledge and attention to detail were superb. The extraordinary recall of date, events and people added much to my interest in your book                                            
  Capt H F “Enrico” Bottieri 

Ron Furden has done a wonderful job of sharing his experiences of living and working in an area where he had a great passion to be apart of at such a young age.

                                                                       Carl E. Carson

I returned home and literally finished reading Runway Dust five minutes ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
                                                                      Steve Weisher

I read Ron’s Runway Dust and enjoyed it very much. His descriptions of aircraft and detailed operations of the J3 Cub were especially reminiscent.

                                                                     Cory S. Bagley

The book Runway Dust is easy, light recreational reading, and I recommend it for airplanes drivers of all ages. It showcases aviation as the fun, exciting and inspiring thing it was before it was swallowed by commercial aviation and all of its rules and regulations.

                                                                  William H. Cowley

Ron Furden’s Runway Dust is like a languorous but sharply-observed airborne dream. Aboard the legendary Piper Cub and other early aircraft, launched from small and scruffy rural airports, we drift with him back through time and space to an era when young, American males with a wanderlust took their urge to an almost empty sky.

                                                                     Paul Swenson